We’re online marketing and sales experts as we’ve been working with companies and helping them increase their sales now for over 15-years through our parent company, Sandstorm Technologies. To do this, we first look at a companies internal processes for Marketing and Sales and from performing a quick analysis we can identify the gaps and other areas where we can introduce some new online processes to help maintain sales even in this difficult market.

We have also most recently deployed some cutting-edge gamification, incentive-based and promotional contest based technologies and campaigns that have generated a lot of excellent calls, leads and new opportunities for our customers even in today’s COVID-19 market.

Gamified Promotional Incentive/contest based Campaigns to Generate 50+ Calls, Leads and Opportunities over a 6-8 Week Period:

As an example, with a few of our customers, we had quite a few target lists that were a few months old and we already generated some calls, leads and opportunities through traditional marketing campaigns but we wanted to get some more calls generated from these older target lists so we came up with a new gamification approach.  We created a Gift Card Incentive Program in a “Spin to Win” format to create a contest for people on our older target lists that didn’t get back to us yet to book an appointment. We’re even getting excellent results through this approach in the COVID-19 market.

When a prospect received a “Spin to Win” promotional email for the contest the success rate was between 5-10% in terms of participation.  And this was from older target lists and people who never got back to us yet.   We were able to generate a handful of qualified calls with each Promotional Email campaign and we gave out two to three Gift Cards per group through this contest. This approach is working well during this difficult market and is very unique in the industry.

The extremely interesting thing was that there was between a 25-50% legitimate interest rate with the respondents, depending on the target groups.  Through generating over 50+ Calls through these programs for our customers we also generated approximately 25 solid leads and opportunities that progressed well through the Sales Funnel. We’re finding that the gamification approach is still capturing the attention of our target markets as it provides them with an escape and a little bit of fun and takes them away from their worries if even for a couple of minutes.

Email Validation and Contact Recovery Project to Generate $100,000 in Additional Sales:

As an example, with one of our customers, they haven’t validated their 2,000 contact customer database in over 5-years and because of this, they were still sending their monthly newsletter out to over 750 emails that were no longer valid.  This created a 37.5% bounce rate and caused the rest of the legitimate email recipients to get delivery in their spam folders.  To fix this problem, we did an email validation and scrubbed the 750 invalid emails from their customer list.

We also optimized the newsletter sending so that the remaining 1,250 legitimate opt-in customers were receiving the monthly newsletter into their inboxes.  For the 750 invalid emails, we then helped to find the replacement people at their customers and were able to add back 600 of the 750 invalid emails.  This entire exercise took a few months and has delivered additional business from some of their existing customers. In the end, they attributed an additional $100,000 in sales from this important exercise.

Today, this is of paramount importance as you must stay in contact with your customers and nurture your prospects as only the companies who do this properly will continue to thrive during these trying times.

Developing a Target Prospect Database and Email/Calling Campaign to drive $50,000 in New Sales:

Another example is where one of our customers needed to boost sales starting with a good target prospect database that included phone numbers, emails and addresses for the right people they wanted to connect with. Their primary customer base was with small to mid-sized banks and credit unions and they needed to get in touch with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) or Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) individuals at these institutions.

Over a few weeks, we were able to deliver a target prospect list of over 1,500 Prospects in NYC, Boston, and Toronto.  Then we delivered another 1,500 prospects in California and another 1,000 in Chicago.  We also put together an email/calling campaign into these AML individuals and we were able to set up over 75 calls and online meetings within a reasonable period of time. They were able to close 10 new customers starting from this exercise and add $50,000 in Annual SaaS Licensing and Services to their bottom line.

Management Team:

Managing Partner – Sean Beauchamp

Sean has 20 Years of Marketing/Sales/Management Experience with:

–  IBM – Senior Sales/Marketing Executive

–  LGS – Senior Sales/Marketing Executive

–  IONA Technologies – Sales/Marketing Executive

–  Computer Associates – Sales Executive

–  Information Builders / iWay – Sales Executive

–  Sandstorm Technologies – Founder and Managing Partner

–  InfoSoft – Founder and Managing Partner

  • A proven expert in selling large complex technology solutions to the Global 1000
  • History of successfully managing sales teams and multi-million dollar sales efforts
  • Has closed multi-million dollar deals with every company above
  • Proven ability to manage a sales team to effectively generate sales results
  • H. Bachelor of Commerce Degree – McMaster University

Managing Partner – Walter Caon

  • Walter has over 25 years of experience and success in managing, marketing, and selling for U.S. based technology companies
  • A history of managing major campaigns and deals including a mix of technology, hardware, software, and professional services into the Global 1000
  • Excelled in senior management positions with IBM, AT&T, Wang Labs, Peregrine, and Motorola
  • A solid understanding of leading Marketing and Selling methodologies proven effective for highly complex solutions
  • Holds a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA.
  • Fluent in three languages including English, French, and Italian.

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