Gamified Promotional Contest Based Campaigns:

We can build and launch a custom Gamified Promotional Contest Based Campaign for your existing customers or to generate calls, leads and opportunities with new Prospects. We’ll Generate Calls for your Sales Staff and Inject some New Leads and Opportunities into your Sales Pipeline through this innovative Programme.

We’ve been able to generate new prospect calls during COVID-19 as well as this is a unique approach and provides some relief from daily stresses combined with the opportunity to win some eGift Cards! Everybody loves to play “Spin to Win” and our participation numbers are amazing even in today’s tough market.

Prospect Target List Building:

We can build the best target list for you by examining your ideal customer profile and then identifying those companies that are an exact fit. We can get your salesforce up and running with the phone numbers and emails they need to be effective working from home and connecting with new prospects during COVID-19.

The information that we can provide includes:

  • Number of employees
  • Sector
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Web Domain and Site details
  • Revenue range
  • Geography
  • Growth levels
  • Address Information
  • etc…

Once we get a solid target list built for you then we’ll identify the proper contacts within the companies that you want to connect with. For the contacts, we’ll provide the following types of information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Title/Position
  • Email
  • Company Phone Number
  • Direct Phone Number if available
  • Company Domain Name
  • LinkedIn Profile Page
  • Company LinkedIn Profile Page
  • Social Media Links if available

Email Campaign Management and Tracking Opens, Reads & Forwards:

We help you write an awesome email campaign and then help you track all of the opens, reads and forwards so we can target the right people who are showing interest in your messages.  And we’re not talking about just one email, but many emails spaced appropriately so you’re not bothering the prospect.

In the COVID-19 market, everything has changed in terms of how you need to connect with your customers and prospects. Today you have to be understanding, sympathetic and helpful. We understand the change and can help you communicate effectively with your customers, partners and prospects, even during these trying times.

The different email types include:

  • Introductory Emails
  • Follow-up Emails
  • Information Emails
  • Event Emails
  • Newsletter Emails
  • Announcement and Press Release Emails
  • Educational Emails with Tracked landing Pages
  • etc…

Email Validation Services and Customer List Cleaning:

We can help you clean your current customer lists. As people move around their email address changes and on average your email contact lists degrade at a rate of 2.1% per month according to Marketing Sherpas. This represents an annualized rate of degradation of 22.5%!

There’s never been a more important time to have a current and valid email list. Today it’s imperative to communicate effectively with your customers, partners, and prospects.

Another major issue with using outdated customer or prospect email lists is that if you are not cleaning out the old emails your bounce rates will be very high and your messages will be considered spam because of the high bounce rates.  You won’t be delivering your emails to inboxes but to spam folders.

We have the tools and skills required to clean your customer and prospect databases and help ensure a 98%+ clean email rate and ensure your important emails get delivered to prospects’ and customers’ inboxes.

Extremely Targetted Google, Facebook and LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns:

A perfect compliment to an outbound lead generation strategy is to target the same prospects that you are trying to reach with emails and calls with banner advertising when they’re using Google, on the Google Display Network, on Facebook and using LinkedIn.  The amazing thing is if you are trying to get in touch with 500 prospects, we can set up the advertising that only these 500 prospects will be targetted through Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. We can help you generate critical leads and opportunities from all three of these important advertising platforms by setting up the banners, landing pages, target audiences, Ad spend budget and automatic meeting scheduling platform.  And we’re not talking about displaying ads to thousands of unqualified people because through target audiences with Google, Facebook and LinkedIn they will only display ads to a specific target audience which is comprised of only the people in your lists that you want to connect with.

Set up a Dedicated Email Marketing Campaign Infrastructure:

You can’t use MailChimp or Constant Contact to send marketing emails to non-opt-in prospects.  These services are intended for newsletters or press releases to current customers and opt-in prospects only.  And in the US under CAN-SPAM guidelines you are allowed to send emails to non-opt-in prospects if you follow the guidelines carefully.  This means you need an alternate infrastructure to send email marketing campaigns on an ongoing basis.

Another issue is you don’t want to use your primary domain for email marketing campaigns because if you get some complaints or if your email messages are classified as SPAM you’ll negatively impact your corporate domain and it could severely affect your business.

We have the skills and the tools necessary to help you create and set-up your dedicated email marketing campaign infrastructure.  We’ll set-up your marketing domain, domain SMTP server and email marketing software so you can successfully send email campaigns without having to worry about negatively impacting your primary domain.

Set up an Opt-In Monthly Newsletter Infrastructure:

Many companies have an excellent customer database but aren’t sending monthly newsletters. And other companies are not using professional opt-in solutions that manage your customers and prospects automatically when they decide to opt-out everything is taken care of for you.

During the COVID-19 market sending newsletters, updates, helpful material to your customers and partners is critical. You need to let them know that you are here to assist them through this trying time and that your software and services will continue to be there for them to rely on.

We can help you set up the tools so that you can manage your monthly newsletter internally and ensure that you’re meeting the opt-in, CAN-SPAM and GDPR guidelines. Combine this with our email validation services and you have an effective Opt-In Monthly Newsletter up and running in no time.

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